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Dwayne Sims

Dwayne Sim's Story


DOD: February 26, 2019

On February 26, 2019,  Dwayne Sims, 28, of Antioch, was fatally struck and killed while walking on Hamilton Church Road.  Sims was walking along the westbound lane.  The section of roadway where the crash took place has no shoulder or sidewalk and is not illuminated by street lights.  The driver, Carlos Valle Romero, 20, of Antioch stated that he did not see Sims and could not avoid hitting him.  The crash occurred on a Tuesday at 9:15 pm.  Police reported there was no evidence of drug or alcohol use by either person involved.


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How he Was Lost



from the family & friends

We are reaching out to his family and friends.  Please contact us with information.