Safety Between Point A and Point B

Jorge A Hernandez

Jorge A Hernandez's Story


DOD: January 1, 2019

As a tour group was getting into a van, 26 year old JorgeA Hernandez, of Mary Esther, FL, approached it and attempted to get in. The van was parked in a pay lot at 122 4th Avenue South.    Grden, the tour van driver, told Hernandez that he didn’t belong in that vehicle.  The 26-year-old then reportedly asked Grden if he wanted to fight.  Grden said he told the passengers to close the side sliding door.  Hernandez then got onto the running board and was reportedly attempting to open the door as the vehicle pulled out of the parking lot and turned onto 4th Avenue South.  It was then that Hernandez apparently fell from the running board and was run over by one of the van’s rear tires.     Grden continued driving, saying that he was unaware that Hernandez had been run over.  He and his passengers returned to the scene a short time later after being located by officers.  Grden was fully cooperating with the MNPD’s fatal crash team.  Grden showed no indication of impairment.   


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How he Was Lost




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We are reaching out to his family and friends.  Please contact us with information.