Safety Between Point A and Point B


Safety Between Point A and Point B


Our Purpose.

Nashville is not a safe place to walk.  For a city of our population, we have an inordinately high number of pedestrians deaths. We, as a city, have not built pedestrian infrastructure with any consistency or quality. These policy decisions, or lack thereof, have resulted in dangerous conditions for anyone trying to safely walk. Often, the stories of those killed are momentarily highlighted in the news with little follow-up. Many questions are left dangling. The Nashville Pedestrian Death Registry was created to highlight the personal stories of those lost on foot in Nashville.   


Our Team

Learn more about the individuals who developed and maintain the Nashville Pedestrian Death Registry. (About Us)

The Registry

The Nashville Pedestrian Death Registry is composed of two interconnected elements: the NPDR Map and the NPDR Index. It is through these two offerings that we seek to honor those who have died while walking.


There is a unique story behind every pedestrian death. We want to help family, friends, and loved ones share the important stories of those who have died while walking in Nashville. (Contact)

Every person is a pedestrian, and the ability to safely walk where you need to go is a fundamental civic right.
— Angie Henderson, Councilwoman, Metro Nashville, District 34